Jingmen HongChang co., LTD., specialized in paraffin wax,Microcrystalline wax,Polyethylene wax,Palm wax,High quality and low price,Quantity is with preferential treatment!Germanysasol A fresh start on wax,Pushing sales!
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    Jingmen HongChang co., LTD., founded in1997Years,Is a professional engaged in paraffin wax、Microcrystalline wax、Coarse wax、Palm wax、Wax products of various types, such as vaseline、With a sound marketing network、Set sales in the integration of diversified import and export enterprises at home and abroad。
    Jingmen in hubei jingmen HongChang co., LTD. Is located in China,Close to the Chinese petrochemical group, one of the largest refinery in jingmen petrochemical complex。Development up to now,Our company has a sound organization system,Headquarters with the office of the general manager、The administrative department、Domestic trade、Part I and part ii of foreign trade、The process of foreign trade operation department、Business purchasing seven departments,Company operates a harmonious and orderly work of the business progresses day by day。In addition,We also have good cooperation relationship with the world's largest refinery。In this,HongChang team we hope friends from all walks of life came to discuss cooperation......
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·HongChang125Session of the Canton fair(4/8)
·HCIThe exhibition118The autumn Canton fair(11/4)
·Low melting point of paraffin48/51 (9/15)
·Microcrystalline soft wax--SR190(8/4)
·Microcrystalline waxsasol wax 7835(6/11)
·Microcrystalline wax--SasolWax 3971(1/23)
·Microcrystalline wax-Push into the new,Prepare for the future(12/23)
·Import new wax Hard microcrystalline wax(11/12)

·2015Years10Month Paraffin market extraction(11/4)
·2015Years9Month Paraffin market extraction(9/15)
·8Paraffin wax market outlook(8/4)
· Wax with limited resources The price increase of wax (6/11)
·A drop in oil prices Wax prices downward(11/7)
·REACHLaws and regulationsSVHC(9/30)
·Shallow discussion microcrystalline wax market in the near future(9/18)
·Shallow discussion of paraffin market in the near future(5/21)
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