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  Nanchang east China blue sky power equipment co., LTD。The original(Jiangxi blue sky technology development co., LTD)Is released in jiangxi province“In central jiangxi”After the slogan,Main production and management of the rise of a new generator,Generating set,Distribution of high-tech development company。Is the domestic electrical and mechanical industry, provide a competitive advantage to a private company,The main products of the company(3KW--1650KW) :All kinds of small and medium-sized domestic imports have a brush、Brushless synchronous generator and generator set(Including car plant、Trailer power station、Intelligent power station、Marine power station, etc),High school low-grade power distribution cabinets。
  Now our factory is a national register of wuhan bureau subordinate(In jiangxi province 、Henan 、In hunan province 、Hubei)Only have four province survey of private enterprises,Marine generator has passedCCSCertification,Companies leading products have passedISO9001:2000Quality system certification。Products are widely used in the shipyard,The factory of the ship,Mine,The building,Financial,Postal service,Telecom,Highway,Bridge construction,Railway,Shipping,Water transportation,The electricity...For details