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About us

About us

        Changle in fujian province fu tai printing and dyeing co., LTD,Is located in fuzhou changle industrial town of caxa industrial development zone,From the provincial capital of fuzhou45Kilometers,Fuzhou mawei port25Kilometers,Panasonic deepwater harbor wharf30Kilometers,From the fuzhou changle international airport15Kilometers,Geographic sea、Lu、Empty form modern three-dimensional traffic network,Convenient,Is extremely convenient。

        Zone is China warp knitting、Weft knitting and cotton textile production base,Preferential policy,The investment environment,Adequate processing resources,Is a textile and talent。

        My company was founded in1984Years,Is the earliest founded local joint stock cooperative system of printing and dyeing enterprises。The existing factory building area15000Square meters,Total assets of nearly one hundred million yuan,With advanced printing and dyeing equipment at home and abroad,Annual production capacity20000Yu,The existing staff300Many people,Senior professional and technical personnel50Many people,For all kinds of polyester warp knitting、Weft knitting、Knitted fabric and nylon、Spandex、Lace、Shoes material、Leica、Flannel fabrics such as fabric dyeing and finishing。Advanced production technology,The equipment is perfect,Test specification,The finished product of colored light、Feel、Fastness and environmental performanceISOThe international quality standards。Reasonable price,Delivery on time。Products are sold to Europe、The、America and other countries and regions,The domestic in guangzhou、Chengdu、KeQiao textiles are sold in the international market,By customers and consumers trust...

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Fu tai production safety meeting(The attached video)

Fu tai production safety meeting(The attached video)

Production safety meeting(The attached video)



Shishi60More than printing and dyeing to leak more and more strict:Limits or will come2017Years10The end of the month!

2016Years,For shishi printing and dyeing industry,It is not quiet also extraordinary one year



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The company is scheduled for January11Stop into the warehouse。

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