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   International travel service co., LTD. Is located in shandong penglai nine days Yantai Penglai city north commissioner37Number,In2011Years5Month18The day was registered in yantai industrial and commercial bureau,Landline telephone company0535-3350396, Penglai nine days international travel agency co., LTD is willing to work with colleagues from all walks of life hand in hand to cooperate,Seek common development,Continue to new and old customers with the best products and services。Agencies with yantai retailers and agents established a long-term, stable relations of cooperation,The variety is complete、The price is reasonable,Enterprise strength male......[For more details]
The guide is likely to be a bodhisattva!
China's tourism industry still remains small scattered phenomenon State and big travel agencies should guide role
China to the United States,In rural areas must be beautiful(Central file number one interpretation)
Zero negative membership fee breed black tour guide Experts:Most of the tour guide no problem
2015Weifang binhai whispering miss tourism city in China of the finals
“DE embellish of qilu”To promote tourism civilization
Shandong tourism think-tank bulletin era of qilu culture value For tourism products development
Long island, yantai traffic guidance
Bubble hot spring which is good?Weihai days mu hot spring
The taierhchuang ancient city
Nine days international travel agencies in shandong penglai shandong penglai nine days international travel service
Long island ferry ship schedules(2014Year to date)
Travel back wash feet
Different season travel matters should be paid attention to
Tourism nutritional food supplement
Penglai bus timetables
Shandong penglai shandong penglai nine days nine days international travel service
Shandong penglai nine days international travel service
To pick up lines
Blue classic-Dalian lushun、Yantai、Penglai、Wei
Harbin, jinan to Qingdao laoshan mount tai qufu a fly
Shanghai to lianyungang swim rizhao shandong peninsula 5
Qingdao city、Xiaoqingdao island、Laoshan High-speed rail3Day
Penglai、Weihai、Coastal tourism Lie down to fly3Day
Qingdao、Qixia、Penglai、Yantai、Weihai Lie down5
Shandong peninsula•Characteristics of island tourism
Video: Beijing propaganda
Qingdao Laoshan scenic spot Travel video
Video: Weihai rushan mountain tourism scenery video
Video: Shanghai city promotion
Video: Qingdao city promotion
Group line
The sunrise-Queensland dahlia6Day tour
The spirit's jiangnan  Five+Water town wuzhen xitang early may
New wonderful guilin pure play threesome5Day tour
Changchun Drunk beautiful snow Yabuli skiing Harbin threesome
Beijing interpreta dream trip solo single train 4, swim
Beijing interpreta dream trip solo single lie five day visit
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