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Weifang weifang diesel hydraulic machinery co., LTD        Shandong weifang weifang diesel hydraulic machinery co., LTD,Professional r&d manufacturing excavator hydraulic shears,Chick。Products are mainly used in steel scrap metal scrap shear processing,The removal of steel structure and steel structure equipments,Dead load vehicle dismantling。Excavator hydraulic shears,Chick than traditional cut scrap shear equipment,Has a great advantage,The first is the comprehensive shear,As long as the excavator arm can be cut can be extended,For demolition of steel structure and industrial equipment,Must belong to it。The second is of high efficiency,Can cut five to six times per minute,And to eliminate the feeding time and remove it。The third is the province and artificial field equipment,Don't need electricity,Do not need to form a complete set of steel crown and conveyor,More don't need these equipment...【Detailed content】

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